Chip maker Qualcomm hasn’t exactly been rushing to refresh their now two-and-a-half year old Snapdragon Wear 2100 platform. The wait may almost be over with the company teasing an event next month that could be ‘it’.

The event is being setup with press currently receiving invites to a launch in San Francisco on September 10th. Though the invite doesn’t say what it’s for, the inclusion of a watch and use of the ‘It’s Time’ slogan points to the launch of a refreshed Snapdragon Wear platform.

If it is indeed the launch of the rumoured Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform, the timing of the announcement shows that the IFA tech show in Berlin could be a fairly disappointing affair from a Wear OS wearables perspective. The prospect of a newer Snapdragon Wear platform hasn’t stopped Fossil from this week announcing their 4th Generation smartwatches based on the SDWear 2100 platform, however a newer platform may mean those are the last.

Qualcomm, and the SDWear 2100 platform has been lambasted over the stagnation of the Wear OS platform in recent times. Intel pulled out of the wearables processor market and Mediatek hasn’t yet produced an equivalent option at this stage – but they’re certainly trying, leaving Qualcomm as the sole producer of high-end processors for Wear OS devices and in this day and age of new processors being announced every 6 months, a 2.5 year old processor isn’t cutting it.

Rumours about the SDWear 3100 platform point to Qualcomm utilising the same 28nm manufacturing process as the existing SD Wear 2100 platform, though Qualcomm has found other ways to improve power performance including using a secondary power management chip, and lower power processor for tasks such as powering the Always-on-Display and calling the Google Assistant.

We’ll know a lot more on September 10th (likely September 11th our time here in Australia), so stay tuned and we’ll see what Qualcomm has to announce.

Via: Android Authority.
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    Will be interesting to see. Better efficiency is always good. However I’m still using my original moto360 every day. With the ancient 1.0 GHz, TI OMAP 3. It hasn’t missed a beat and I still get 2 days out of a charge. I almost want it to break, so I can justify a new watch. But it just wont give up, even with my job putting it through hell… Is there much more that newer watches do, requiring more processing power? I’ve never felt limited by this watches capabilities. (although i’m not interested in talking into my wrist as a… Read more »

    Les Ran

    Yep, it’s the launch of the Snapdragon 3100. Qualcomm has no other watch platform. I think the main details of this processor are already known, due to leaks. The exciting bit will be to see what watch manufacturers do with it.