Google’s Android emojis have changed a lot over time, but not always for the better (RIP blob emoji). This time though Google have updated their emoji in Android 9.0 Pie to be a lot more progressive with modern lifestyles.

With the release of Android Pie Google have become the second major vendor to support the new 157 emojis contained in Emoji 11.0. Some of these changes have been seen in the beta versions of Android 9 but the final release brought the entire lineup to those on Android Pie.

In doing so the emojis have become a lot more modern — a family is now no longer a male, a female and a child but instead a “gender-inclusive” design and the couple with a heart is also gender neutral.

The dagger emoji now “glistens like Frodo’s Sting”, and the Green Salad is now vegan, lacking the egg.

People emojis can now have curly hair, sliver hair or no hair. Also new is superhero and supervillain emojis, in male and female versions — one looking like DC’s Superman (and woman) while the supervillain looks like Marvel’s Mr Sinister.

There are also a heap of new food and animal emojis and basic household items such as toilet paper, a safety pin, a frisbee and a skateboard. The basic face emojis have also received some subtle changes as well as some others such as camel and dog emojis.

The update is available now for those devices with Android 9.0 but will arrive on other devices in the coming months. Samsung devices use their own emoji font and will not be receiving this update though. You can check out all the new and changed Android emojis at the Emojipedia website.

What do you think of this new emoji update? Life changing?

Source: Emojipedia.
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Your nothing but a copy and paste lefty poofter bullshit website, stick your political comments up your poofter arses and just comment on tech you arse lovers.




Trying to use emoji and read emoji with iOS and Samsung users was annoying, glad the blobs have been relegated to history

Bob de nob

No just completely stupid


omg what a waste of time!! Bring back the blobs, they were heaps more expressive and cute :_(


Yasss I am going to use supervillain way more than really necessary