It may be difficult to believe but today is not all about Samsung and their new device. Google have announced a new update to Google Assistant rolling out soon to the US and the rest of the world soon after.

Google News has been a great addition by Google allowing people to easily keep track of news, local, overseas and specific, relevant news personalised to the user from your preferred news sources. The ability to look for certain news easily has meant so many more people have stayed up to date with current events. Unfortunately we do not always have our hands free to search through Google News for specific items.

On their blog today Google have discussed how we can use Google Assistant to keep up with the news with more precision. We can easily ask Google Assistant “What’s the news?” and we will get a list of all of your favourite news, without any drilling down to any specifics. In a new update arriving soon in the US you will be able to ask your Google Assistant specific news questions.

The new update will allow the user to ask the Assistant more specific questions such as “Who kicked the most goals in Geelong’s thrashing of Hawthorn on Friday night?” or “What’s the latest on NASA?”. If you have a smart display (coming soon to Australia) the Google Assistant will find relevant YouTube videos and will “read out excerpts from news articles from a growing list of publishers” on your Assistant speaker.

The update is available today on Android phones in the US and will arrive on Android Auto and Assistant-enabled headphones “soon”. As per usual we will have to wait our time here in Australia but expect to see the new additions to land here on our Google Assistant speakers and Android phones in the very near future.

Source: Google Blog.