If you didn’t see enough of the Pixel 3 XL already, the same Ukranian tech blogger – Канал Лучкова (Ivan Luchkov) – who leaked the Pixel 3 XL in the retail box earlier this week is back. This time with a much more in-depth look at the phone in a new video that shows the phone off in greater detail and confirms pretty much every spec you could want.

The new video – via Android Police – includes footage of Antutu running which confirms a display has a 6.7″ diagonal measurement (minus the notch of course) with a 2960×1440 resolution (491PPI). The phone has a 3,430mAh battery and his 64GB model has 10.9GB of used space (with a couple of his apps installed).

The Antutu app also gives us a look at the camera specs on the handset which includes a 12.2MP single rear sensor and 3x 8.1MP sensors. The phone has quite an obvious dual-camera setup on the front, so we’re not sure what’s happening there – perhaps a third depth sensing camera being picked up?

Unlike the first video, this one has all the identifying information about the phone (MAC Address, serial number etc.) blocked out – a bit like shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted. Still, it gives us a good look at the phone again, including that the phone’s rear has a very glass like look to it adding weight to that rumour.

We don’t have long to wait until the Pixel 3 is announced, with the announcement looking to be on October 4th again.

What are your thoughts after seeing this rather thorough hands-on video?

Source: Канал Лучкова (Telegram Channel).
Via: Android Police.
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Dunno why so much notch hate. I got used to it on my iPhone X very quick and it really is a non issue even this big. And you can turn it off on Android and when you do I expect you will get a very symmetric look. Not that I care how it looks. Space is a bit of a concern… But I am hopeful of a face id style alternative…I might finally be coming back. Just need a pixel watch and the deal might be sealed!

I smoke lots of drugs

No mate, you can’t just “turn it off” lol that makes no sense, where do all the cameras and sensors go? Better yet why even have a notch if that was the case?, cause I know I would prefer 0 bezels over a stupid notch, Lol anywayyys, you Can only turn it off with older smartphones that are running Android pie because there isn’t a real notch.

jimmy cychowski

From my understanding you can make the notch less noticeable by turning the top part of the screen black and as its a oled screen it will go completely black, and blend in the ugly notch, anyway as a pixel 2 xl owner myself I won’t be upgrading to the pixel 3, hopefully this notch fad will pass, so for now I’m notching the notch!

Shaun Daly

That notch, if real makes this phone almost a joke no matter what the specs.


The pixel xl 2 looks better guess I won’t be upgrading. How could they make such an ugly phone. I don’t see how people would buy this

Manoj Bhandari

Everytime I see a Pixel, I get even more convinced in getting a Note, instead.


Biggest notch on a phone
Large bottom bezel
4gm ram
64gb base storage
3,430mah battery

Well, looks like I’ll be passing on the Pixel 3 XL this year. Many other phones with better specs for same or better pricing.


Yeah considering my first Samsung since S2 or perhaps a Nokia.