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NSW Police have issued a warning to Optus customers after a ‘sophisticated’ email scam began circulating amongst customers, prompting a number of complaints lodged with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

The emails, which come with the subject line ‘We are unable to process your last payment’ are being described by both the ACMA and NSW police as ‘sophisticated’, use a web address that looks like a real Optus web address, which when clicked takes customers to a page which looks like the Optus website. Once on the website, customers are being prompted to make a payment to fulfill the ‘missing’ payment, with the card details then logged by the scammers.

You can read a copy of the NSW police alert here:

If you receive the email, Police are recommending you simply delete the email. If you have already accessed an email like the one described, then you would be best contacting your banking institute and placing a freeze on your card immediately.

Source: NSW Police Optus Scam Alert.

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