OPPO is now the fifth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and thus cannot be ignored. Although it is difficult to find a phone that isn’t made by Samsung or Apple on Telstra (or any other carrier) OPPO have done exactly that, announcing today that the R15 Pro is available from Telstra starting today.

Although the phone has been available on other carriers before now it is now also available on “Australia’s largest and fastest mobile network”.

The OPPO R15 Pro is a mid-range device with a 6.28 inch 2280 x 1080 pixel resolution (19:9 aspect ratio). With a very decent 6GB of RAM and a generous 128GB of onboard storage the phone promises to be snappy at all times especially with the Snapdragon 660 under the hood.

It has dual rear cameras of 20MP and 16MP and 20MP front facing camera, all with AI software within their camera app for environment-photo optimisation. One of the best things about OPPO phones is their charging speed. The R15 Pro has the VOOC fast charging of the 3430mAh battery. There is also NFC for Google Pay (and other tap and pay solutions) for those who require it.

The OPPO R15 Pro is available from Telstra in a stunning Cosmic Purple for $0 on the $79 Mobile Plan (10GB of data) over 24 months. You can also add “Peace of Mind Data” to your plan which will give you unlimited data (but the data used over your plan data is capped at a speed of 1.5Mbps). There are of course other plan options which you can check out at the Telstra website or instore.

OPPO make some very solid phones with decent hardware at competitive prices. The R15 Pro is currently sitting on our review bench and will be published shortly. If you choose Telstra to be your mobile carrier and are in the market for a new phone you should go and check out the OPPO R15 Pro and see if it suits you.

Source: OPPO.
Via: Telstra.
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Just watched a vid review… Micro USB? Holy moly. Are many brands still doing that?

Chris Rowland

Fortunately most have heard that USB-C is a thing, and a popular thing at that.