Google has today announced that two new music services are now supported on Google Home, with Pandora Premium and Deezer now available to stream.

Before you get too excited only one of these services is available in Australia after Pandora pulled out of the Australian and New Zealand market in July last year.

The good news for those wanting to try other services is that Deezer with their 36 million HiFi tracks is available in Australia. Once you link your Deezer account in the Google Home app, it’s as simple as saying “Hey Google, play my Chill Vibes playlist on Deezer,” to get yourself underway.

To get the promotion underway Google and Deezer have partnered for a special offer for owners of the Goole Home, as well as the Mini and Max versions of the speaker, to qualify for a 3-month trial of Deezer Premium for just $0.99 if they activate the offer before September 20th – and they haven’t used a discounted offer previously.

Deezer costs $11.99 per month after the trial ends, so be prepared to pay that, or cancel prior to the end of the trial.

To check out the free trial you can head over to or open your Google Home app, slide out the menu and tap on ‘Offers’.

Source: Google.
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    Les Ran

    Pandora pulled out of the Australian market prematurely, right on the cusp of the AI revolution, where we control our music with voice instruction. We never got a chance to try Pandora with Google Home. Pandora couldn’t wait, and just left, on the eve of this revolution. Oh well, we’ve still got Spotify, Deezer and YouTube Music with Google Home.