It seems there’s a big focus on Wear OS at the moment, and with rumours of a Pixel Watch being announced in October we can understand why. A new report today says that Google is working on a new AI-powered health and fitness platform for wearables called ‘Coach’.

The report, from Android Police, says that the platform, currently known internally as ‘Project Wooden’, will be called Coach. Coach will offer more than your run of the mill fitness tracking – Google Fit does that – instead it will proactively deliver health and fitness data to you in the form of workouts, then track you to see if you do that workout, or miss it. Coach will also log that workout at the gym, or other places and use that data for future suggestions.

It’s not just about exercise though, with Coach apparently looking to take on nutrition as well. According to the report, Coach can recommend places to eat a healthy meal out at, or generate weekly meal plans and shopping list for those who prefer to eat at home, using your calendar to work out how many meals are needed and delivering the lists to your email.

We get an overload of notifications from our phones in our daily lives and Google will apparently be using notifications sparingly. Instead of single prompts, Google will be combining a number of suggestions such as get up and move around, take a drink of water or take medication into a single notification.

Though aimed at wearables, Google has also apparently got plans to provide limited function to phones, and possibly even Android TV – maybe interrupting those binge watch sessions with a reminder that the outside world exists.

We’re pretty close to the expected October 4th Made by Google event, but Android Police say that some of this could change before the launch of the platform. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Android Police.
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    Les Ran

    It’s a bit disappointing that Google is making the focus of Wear OS to be fitness. Garmin and Fitbit are catering to the fitness crowd, with longer battery life. Google should focus on making the watch a replacement for the phone.