We are only around six weeks away from the expected Pixel 3 launch and while we have already seen many Pixel 3 leaks many are hoping that Google may have something more up their sleeves come October (or whenever the launch is). Unfortunately the more we are seeing the more it seems that notch is legitimate.

The folks over at Mobile Syrup had a reader send them a photo they snapped of someone using an unknown phone in Toronto. The phone looks extremely similar to previous leaks and includes the relatively large lower chin and what must be the biggest notch going around. There is also the presence of Android Pie’s navigation pill at the bottom of the display further suggesting that this is indeed a Pixel 3 XL.

Inside the notch are the dual cameras and earpiece, as we have seen in previous leaks. The notch is something that a lot of people dislike but the ability to hide it with software makes it less burdensome. A notch this large would require a very thick status bar at the top to hide it — something that doesn’t seem aesthetically pleasing, but time will tell.

Source: 9to5Google modified from Mobile Syrup

Zooming up on the Pixel 3 XL creepshot shows just how much of the display this notch takes up. We will of course have to wait and see what Google do with this notch and what are their plans to incorporate it into the software to make it less intrusive but at this stage it isn’t looking good.

What are your thoughts? Have Google messed up making the notch this large? Would you accept it if it came with added functionality that requires said notch?

Source: Mobile Syrup.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Rodrigo Pereira

Yeah I’m a big fan of the “Pixel team”, I’ve had the first PXL, and I currently have a P2XP, but that is the end of the road for me. Having lost my beloved headphone jack was a big deal last year but I managed to go around that investing on a good pair of wireless headphones, but having a massive notch there is workaround. Besides the phone doesn’t give the flagship feeling. I have pre-ordered a Note 9 from Telstra last Thursday. #byebyepixel #hellogalaxy


Pretty sure the Google Marketing Team will said that Pixel 3 XL comes with 2 ears rather than 1 notch. Shifty marketing, terrible design

Joshua Hill

If the notch is going to be so long why not have two rows of notification icons. At least use that ugly wasted space the manufacturers have given you Google.
Also why does the keyboard take up so much of the screen?

jimmy cychowski

That’s a HUGE PIMPLE! On the forehead!…😳


looks nasty to me.


I wish the standard Pixel 3 would leak a bit more! I wanna see how that looks in real life, not so much renders and rumours


I see face id camera there


Yes! Keep making the notch wider until it takes up the entire width of the phone, it’s going to be the new paradigm! Put some full length “side notches” on there too so my fingers don’t touch the screen while I’m holding it. I should be in marketing.

Jeni Skunk

A good use for a wider notch, would be to make it possible to have left and right front firing speakers in portrait mode.

Joshua Hill

Two side notches and having a centred notification/display area would enable some very poor form of stereo in portrait mode.

Joshua Hill

Google’s notch is not so much wide as long


I heard Qantas will be using the Pixel 3 XL notch as landing strips for their planes in 2019.

Daniel Tyson

It’s more going to be a safety net to catch entire A380’s.

Chris Rowland

They could use these notches to cover up Sky News being shown in their lounges .. which would be a welcome improvement.

noice brewery

make like the samsung s2 and just copy apple entirely, why not

its not like android dominates the market or anything

the lack of imagination coming from android manufacturers never fails to astound me


You do know that it was actually android that started the whole notch thing right?


You do know that Android is just an OS and the manufacturers are different companies with their own product and take on Android ? The belief of Apple lovers that Apple innovates everything asstounds me.

Joshua Hill

In fairness they did innovate the smartphone but after that most of their purported innovations is just apple fanboi-ism claiming things like the notch which clearly others innovated first


Oh they are an awesome marketing company and they really did innovate back when the first iPhone came out. After that it was all over.

noice brewery

not an apple lover at all; i just wish there wasn’t an impulse by android manufacturers to start following BAD ideas that apple implement, such as the notch and the removal of the headphone jack

Joshua Hill

Noice name. Pity those beers seem to have killed your brain cells.