The selection of movies available in Ultra High Definition (UHD) quality hasn’t grown much since Google first introduced them back in November last year, but the selection is now on-sale with savings up to 50% off.

The range of movies in UHD quality is fairly limited with only titles from Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures or Tristar Pictures listed. The price is right though, with a lot of titles in UHD reduced to just $9.99 including classics like Taxi Driver, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Bridge on the River Kwai and the original Jumanji though the surprisingly good re-make starring the Rock and Jack Black is just $16.99 as well.

There’s 37 titles in the sale altogether, so if you’re looking to put that Chromecast Ultra you purchased to good use this is a good time to do it. Speaking of the Chromecast Ultra – it’s currently out of stock on the Australian Google Store….maybe a refresh is on the way in October? Probably not, but we love new toys.

If you’re in the market for a new 4K movie, head over to the Google Play Movies sale page and check out the selection. You never know, the more Google sells, the more pressure they may put on other movie houses to make 4K versions of their movies available.

Source: Google Play Movies.
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    Any idea if these will come with HDR and Atmos like Apple at any stage?


    You can buy 4k blurays at jbhifi for less in some cases and they have minimum compression and better quality and you are not locked to google. buying a streaming product at RRP prices is just not worth it until they fix the rights management to stream from anyone and give you true 4k not just streamed 4k compressed nearly 4k.

    Joshua Hill

    I completely get where you are coming from Chris. I used to adamantly be like that. Then one day magically something happened and I became like the vast majority and decided convenience was much more important than slight differences in image quality e.t.c


    I already have convenience in the form of other streaming options, if I am to pay full price I want full quality and I don’t want my licence to be locked to Google. Renting no problem buying no way.


    Ah but Daniel we are all different and I agree, a room full of discs is pointless. There are few movies that I absolutely must have in 4k so as I said streaming is just fine from the likes of Netflix. It is more than just 4k it is HDR as well that I like and Dolby Atmos etc. For me that is one small drawer with 4k blurays (my fav must have only) so my point is valid. If I am going to pay full price for a movie I don’t want to stream it. Your post is very… Read more »