[Update: Maybe Not]

Even though the category has been around a while now, smart speakers are experiencing a bit of a boom at the moment with Google Home and Amazon’s Echo products driving innovation in others. Once a market dominated by a couple of powerful brands, smart speakers are coming from the most unlikely of manufacturers in 2018, now including Motorola.

According to Android Pure, the “Moto AI” is being designed with the Chinese market in mind, featuring Baidu’s DuerOS rather than Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. In common with most smart speakers, though, you’ll be able to use Moto AI to find out the news, weather, stream music, interact with your calendar and so on.

Of course, the “you” in this case relies on you being in China, as there’s little suggestion that this product will find its way elsewhere.

It appears this is not a Motorola speaker – or rather it could be but it’s not new. The speaker is in fact a smart speaker from the ‘Chinese Google’: Baidu. The update is courtesy of Steve Hemmerstoffer through his @onleaks Twitter account :

Source: Android Pure.
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Justin Virly

Honestly, the standard Google Home is the best looking since it doesn’t really look like a speaker.

Shahil Prasad

Would be cool if it was, and it could be activated by hello moto.


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