Thanks to Android One, the Nokia mobile range has become quite the phenomenon for those wanting a stock Android experience at a great price. With a full range of handsets available in Australia ranging from the low to high-end it’s time for Nokia to announce something new, with the possibility it could be flagship level.

The Nokia Mobile Twitter account has outright stated a new handset will be announced on August 21, sharing the image with the caption ‘Get ready to unveil the most awaited phone’ teasing something high-end possibly the Nokia 9.

The Nokia 8 ‘Sirocco’ is already a very capable and high-end smartphone which is available in Australia sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM and 128GB of on-board storage, so what could the Nokia 9 have under the hood to one-up these specs? Rumours point to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, but to find out we’ll have to wait for the August 21st (likely August 22nd here in Australia) announcement to find out.

Source: @NokiaMobile.
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    A new *retro* Nokia 8210 would be great, add in some good bluetooth support and the functions of Google Assistant and I’m in!

    Norman kemp

    I happily paid the 1200 for the Nokia 8 sirocco, I found it to be a much better phone then the Samsung note 8, iPhone 8 and Sony’s Xperia xz premium. I am very impressed with its battery life and how quickly it charges when plugged in. The only 2 problems that I have is that a 5w wireless charger takes a long time to charge it and there is no micro SD card holder. Apart from that it is an awesome phone

    David Anderton

    Whatever phone it is the camera better have OIS


    It’s the Nokia 6.1 Plus, most likely

    B man

    Every time I go to buy one, a new one is announced. More waiting or maybe the huawei nova 3i

    Les R

    Nokia has a good philosophy of providing quick and timely updates to the Android OS, and not modifying it much. This is a big reason to support Nokia.


    The pricing of nokia phones are quute ridiculous in aistralia. 1200 aud for nokia 8 sirocco at launch is just absolutely ludicrous and i would be amazed if one person paid that much money for it