Smartwatches are a truly wonderful technology that gives users quick access to all sorts of information like notifications, caller ID, news and messaging… when the user has normal vision. For vision impaired users, they’re not always going to be useful but the Dot aims to fix that.

Back in 2015 we sighted the first iteration of this technology which has now come of age. Sporting an easier to use and read (for Braille users) interface, as well as other enhancements the Dot is now available via eBay.

The CEO of Dot stated in a press release that:

We’ve been overwhelmed by the response the Dot watch has received globally. Expansion into Australia represents the next chapter in our journey and it’s great to get the support from eBay to help us reach and make a difference to the hundreds of thousands of people living with vision impairment.

Speaking from a personal standpoint, the Dot is such an exciting opportunity for the blind or vision impaired users around the globe to engage with smart technology. We’ve reached out to their team for some hands on time with a Dot unit and will hopefully have one to review soon.

Source: Dot Inc.
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Dennis Bareis

This watch is obviously for the 10% who care.


Over 90% of blind people can’t read Braille. This is just marketing hype

Chris Rowland

For those who can read Braille, and who want to be (and feel) included in the rapid technological innovation of our times, I’m glad there’s a product like this on offer, whether it benefits most people who are vision impaired or just a few.


There are a lot of blind people so even 10% is a lot and guess what Gary, they matter as well. This isn’t marketing hype when the product as you say is targeted at a small group of people. Where is the hype ? They are not Apple, that is marketing hype.