Just last week we got an in-the-flesh view of the almighty notch on the Pixel 3 XL via a Canadian reader of Mobile Syrup. Today another few pictures of one in the wild in Canada have surfaced.

Mobile Syrup have once again managed to get their hands on pictures of a Pixel 3 XL being used in the wild, this time on a train in Toronto. This time there obtained not just a view of the front of the phone but also a view of the back of the phone.

This time the phone is without a case which reveals the back of the phone which looks awfully familiar to the Pixel 2 XL rear. Once again the notch is present with dual front-facing cameras. The size of the status bar looks to be massive to ensure it incorporates the notch. I’m not entirely sure of Google’s design aesthetics here — other companies have had much smaller notches and have been able to hide it easier. Hopefully the notch is so big for a really awesome reason such as some amazing dual front-facing camera functionality.

With only a month or so until the Google Pixel 3 announcement you can be sure there will be more leaks and rumours before then. Do you think that any more hardware leaks will make a difference? Surely the Pixel phones are all about the software rather than ground-breaking hardware?

Source: Mobile Syrup.
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It would not make any difference to me. I’m the owner of all the flagship android Google phones. All the way down to the S1. And that was so cheap.. Currently I use the pixel 2 and my back up is my Nexus 2 6P. . I still have the 5 and the 4 also. Remember when they were cheap to mid range price? My point is I recently got a Nokia 6.1 and it’s very good at a fantastic price. And of course has the Android updates happening. But my 6P that is basically the best performing phone …… Read more »


Call me crazy, but I actually like the look of the Pixel 3 XL here. Both the front and the back.


Crazy! 😛 Don’t you understand we’re trying to present a unified front here on the internet?? 😉

Luke Roberts

It looks like a doctored image – the top edge of the phone on the front view looks chrome / silver… could be the light reflecting off it but it goes around the corners in a uniformly even way and then changes to mat black…which is odd…… On the back of the device, the light shines off the top and sides in a more expected way – ie flat top and sides edges reflect the light but the corners don’t as the light is reflecting at different angles and not catching the camera lens that took the photo.


Why does the chin look so large though?

Luke Roberts

because the keyboard is open, the navigation bar turns black and thus it looks like it it part of the chin, but it isn’t. You can see a little white dot next the the guy’s right thumb which is where the normal back button would go in a blacked-out navigation bar… suggest perhaps further changes to the gesture navigation just for the Pixels?