After Andrew Bell showed off his Android Heroes & Villians III set at San Diego Comic Con earlier this month, the set is now set to go on-sale tomorrow from the Dead Zebra store.

The set consists of four Android mini figures, with Crypto Joe and Ransom Mayor fulfilling the villains side of the set, while The Flash Drive and Black Cat 5 round out the heroes in the set. Though the set is quite neat in its own right, the inclusion of a cute Android flash drive with The Flash Drive character is pretty neat – though it is only 1GB in size.

The set will be on-sale in the Dead Zebra store from tomorrow for USD$46, though you can expect to be hit by some hefty shipping fees.

If you need these in your collection, head over to the Dead Zebra store from tomorrow (it’ll be in the wee hours of the morning) to get one on its way.

Source: Dead Zebra Store.