Checking out the news these days can be a little depressing, but Google has just announced a new experimental feature for Assistant allowing you to get some good news instead.

The experiment, which is only being offered to users in the US initially, allows you to simply say ‘Hey Google, tell me something good’.

Google Assistant will deliver a brief, curated news summary around two to three sentences long from a wide range of media outlets ‘about people who are solving problems for our communities and our world’.

Google has partnered with Solutions Journalism Network, a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to spreading the practice of solutions journalism who curate the good news summary, with stories highlighting how problems are solvable and that doing better is possible.

The experiment is available for users in the US on ‘Assistant-enabled device, including your phone, Smart Display, or Google Home’. Google hasn’t said if the feature will be rolled out further, however it may depending on how it’s received.

Source: Google.
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    Jonathan Gibbs

    This is an excellent idea. If only mainstream media would disseminate more positive stories.

    jimmy cychowski

    Apparently no good news in Australia yet lmao, 🤪


    We all need this, lol