Ahead of the start of IFA next week, LG has begun announcing products they’ll have in their booth at the show. The latest is a new set of Tone wearable wireless audio headsets.

If you don’t know what a Tone wearable wireless audio system is you’re not alone, but they’re basically neck buds. Essentially a unit that sits around your neck with earbuds that lead out and into your ears. There’s two models LG is announcing, the LG Tone Platinum SE and LG Tone Ultra SE.

Only the LG TONE Platinum SE features Google Assistant integration, with the neck buds supporting real time translation at the press of a button with Google Translate – just like Google’s Pixel Buds. The button press to summon the Assistant also means you don’t have to use the ‘Ok/Hey Google’ hotword to call the Assistant, a pleasant change.

While the LG TONE Ultra SE doesn’t have Google Assistant built-in it does have the option to play audio through a mono speaker in addition to the earbuds.

LG says that both the LG TONE Platinum SE and LG TONE Ultra SE feature dual MEMS microphone for ‘superb call clarity’ and both devices support the Tone & Talk smartphone app.

LG says that they will be announcing details regarding price and availability in each market individually.

Source: LG.