The leaky ship that is the Pixel 3 XL has continued to sail, this time with camera samples allegedly taken with a Pixel 3 XL surfacing on Instagram.

The samples are live on the Instagram profile of a Russian named khoroshev. He’s been taking pictures with the device and posting them to Instagram with the hashtag #Pixel3XL.

While it’s a lofty claim to have a Pixel 3 XL in hand, a quick check of his Twitter account shows some shots of a Pixel 3 XL, again in Clearly White, being unboxed. The phone is placed on a wireless charger part way through the video and you can see the phone light up – so….wireless charging confirmed!

The shots have been posted on his blog,, as well as in full resolution on Google Drive.

The images are from both the front and rear cameras, with EXIF data for pictures taken with the front camera showing an f/1.8 aperture with a 3264×2448 (7.99MP) resolution, while the rear also has an f/1.8 aperture but a 4032×3024 (12.2MP) resolution. And as expected for a Pixel, the Device manufacturer is listed as ‘GOOG’.

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The camera shots show a mix of front, rear and also a couple of portrait shots mixed in and frankly they’re pretty impressive, just like the original Pixel and Pixel 2 cameras were. You can see the images here:


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The launch of the Pixel 3 is still expected in October, so we haven’t got long to go before we see if these are legit, but it’s looking pretty good.

Source: Google Drive.
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If legit, great camera. Pity I expect the price of the phone to be outside the budget of a lot of people, me included.