Had enough Pixel 3 XL leaks yet? Google’s hardware team probably has, but if you’re still keen on checking it out then there’s yet another Pixel 3 XL in the wild but are they stolen?

The latest set of pics come again from Russia, where it was apparently left in a taxi. As unlikely as finding an unlocked Pixel 3 XL in a taxi is, that’s the story they’re sticking with anyway according to the tweet from user @wylsacom, which is accompanied by some pretty decent quality shots of the phone including a close up of that rather deep notch.

The proliferation of Pixel 3 XL handsets popping up in eastern block countries has been excessive and that could be due to a number of stolen handsets being put up for sale according to a report from 9to5Google.

According to the report, a Ukrainian seller is offering a large number of what could be stolen Pixel 3 XL units for USD$2,000 each and it’s some of these units we’ve seen in these recent leaks – though not all of them.

There are apparently only a limited number of Pixel 3 XL units left – 3 apparently – with payment via Paypal or Bitcoin being requested with pick up in London being offered, though international shipping via DHL or FedEx is also available.

The seller is being coy on the source of the Pixel 3 XL units – as you’d expect – but has shared that the units cannot be remote deactivated by Google.

Selling and receiving stolen goods is a good way to get yourself a prison sentence so it’s not worth bothering to even look at getting one for yourself. It’s only a little over a month left to go until the expected October 4th event where the phones will be announced, so hold tight. Maybe we can hope the smaller Pixel 3 starts getting leaked in the mean time.

Source: @wylsacom.
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The only thing you didn’t mention was their warranty policy on the not stolen Pixel 3XL!!