I thought our coverage of the Google Pixel 3 XL was already pretty complete, and then I saw this video review of the upcoming device from Google. This unboxing video shows off the phone, packaging and accessories in detail, so take a look.

We’ve seen videos like this before, but not of this quality. YouTube channel “In DIGI” has published a video review this week in 1080p glory, detailing the phone, accessories, USB-C earbuds and even some stickers.

Of course, once the phone is removed from the packaging, we get a better look at how the software looks on Google’s new hardware, and confirmation that the Pixel 3 XL rear is almost certainly made of glass.

Last but not least, we’re treated to a demonstration of the new selfie capabilities, enhanced with twin sensors.

Source: 9to5Google.
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(Prays to God that new pixels will be released on Vodafone)

Luke Roberts

That girl must be tiny as the phone looks GIGANTIC!! Supposed to be the same size as a Pixel 2XL but in that video, it looks like a laptop!

jimmy cychowski

Im currently using a Pixel 2 XL Panda as my daily driver, generally I love this device, it does everything I could ever need or want to do with a smartphone, so I’ll skip the Pixel 3 XL,and get the Pixel 4 XL, i do like the color scheme of the Pixel XL 3 though with the green power button,and white back however the chin is a tad to big on the face though, it could have been made much smaller, and still allow for the front facing speaker, to be honest in a upgrade I’ll just add wireless charging,… Read more »

Munawirul Hadi

Whats the point of having that large bezel but still they add that hideous notch on the top.. I’d better buying Pocophone or oneplus

Pixel Owner

This is a market stunt by google as i find it very weird they haven’t done anything so far to shut it down or pull the videos that have surfaced from youtube which they own or twitter etc. they will use all this hype to unveil the real product on October 4th during their conference.

Dylan Wheeler

I really hope you’re right!

Pixel Owner

I hope so to cause its just odd they haven’t done anything except saying we are investigating. i know the Russian are being sneaky by keeping it on Airplane mode so google cant trace them and shut them down. its also funny how the leaked ones aint showing us how good the network connectivity is. i am pretty sure google has a trick up their sleeves.


Selfie camera is so good it even changes your clothes.


I think the phone is fake. If you zoom in on the text on the ear bud packaging, you can see the domain name is “googel.com”. Or perhaps just the packaging, either way seems dodgy

Pixel dreamer

Then why did you watch the video and comment doufus!

Phone looks great and sharp , good cam and screen .


Weird that Pixel 3 info is so hard to come by, I’m not the least bit interested in the XL, it’s too big for my liking.