+ Wednesday January 29th, 2020

While Google’s next-gen chat app Allo has fallen by the wayside, for me and a good number of people, their Duo video calling app has gone from strength to strength. The latest update is the ability to use Duo on your tablet.

Google announced the updated functionality on their Twitter account, noting that the feature would be rolling out over ‘the next few days’.

Google Duo can now be installed on multiple devices, including tablets (or at least it can shortly) thanks to the multiple device support added back in July.

Duo has been fleshed out quite nicely since its launch, though there are still a number of features including Group Video calling which would be nice to see. No word on when, or if that’s been worked on, but at least users can now use it on a number of devices.

With support for tablets now available, there’s always a question of getting either a web app or native apps for both Windows and Mac users to use on their systems.

Source: @Google.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.

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Wayne Moore
Ausdroid Reader

It has worked on my Android tablet for a while. Confused by this news.

Damien Robinson
Ausdroid Reader

Or even on my Pixelbook……. Waiting patiently……. 🙂

Jeremy Cockle
Jeremy Cockle

My Pixelbook wants this as well!

Joseph Sheu
Ausdroid Reader

As does my pixelbook

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