As part of the launch of their Android Go platform targeting lower end hardware, Google released ‘Go’ versions of many apps, including a Google Go search app. They’ve announced an update overnight that allows the app to now read websites aloud to you in 28 languages.

The Google Go update was announced as part of their annual Google For India event, a market that Google has been targeting as part of their next billon users initiative.

The Google Go app will use natural language processing and speech synthesis AI to read the pages aloud in a natural sounding voice as well as to ‘determine which parts of a page to read, and which to leave out, so you only listen to what is important’. The Google Go app will also highlight the words it’s reading aloud as it goes, letting you follow along, or if you put it in another language let you try to learn it as you go.

Android Go is specifically aimed at devices with lower end hardware including those with 1GB or less RAM, and traditionally smaller screens with lower resolution. Having Google Go now able to read back websites allows users with Android Go phones to have their content read back to them, allowing them to cook, or even catch up on their favourite news sites while exercising or working.

There are now a couple of Android Go devices available in Australia with the Nokia 1 and Alcatel 1x available and the Google Go app is only available on Android Go devices. It’s a different experience but one worth trying to see how it goes if you can pick one up at the right price.

Source: Google.