After multiple complaints to the NSW Department of Fair Trading and a degenerating reputation amongst customers, Digital Skies Group, operator of discount camera and phone retailers CameraSky and AndroidEnjoyed have shut down.

The CameraSky and Android-Enoyed websites are both now displaying a JPG screenshot of the respective websites with a banner announcing ‘This website has already stopped trading. For any enquiries please contact: [email protected]/[email protected]’. Interestingly they’ve both added a cheeky ‘Upgrading’ title, and the URL points to upgrading.html. Additionally, the 1300 number advertised at the top of both pages has been disconnected, leaving customers with orders a single contact point.

The Department of Fair Trading has a long history with the companies, issuing a warning against the retailer in September last year. Digital Skies Group had a terrible start to 2018, starting January with 19 complaints against Android-Enjoyed to the Department of Fair Trading. February saw CameraSky also join the list of complaints on the Fair Trading Complaints register, with Android-Enjoyed topping the list in March before CameraSky took second place in April and May as well.

Complaints per month:

January February March April May June
Android-Enjoyed 19 45 50 78 77 26
CameraSky 25 28 34 31

For the July period though it looks as though CameraSky and AndroidEnjoyed have disappeared, with Kogan, Samsung and Harvey Norman now taking top ‘honours’.

We’ve emailed the Customer Service email link to see if there is any statement from the company regarding the shut down and will update with any news.

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    I’ve steered people away from Android Enjoyed in the past. Looks like it was a good call.