Google’s physical security fob has officially been unveiled for consumer sales in the US, with the Titan Security Key now on sale for $50USD from the Google Store – at least in the US.

Sam Srinivas, Director of Product Management, Google Cloud says the keys are an additional layer of security known as two-step verification (2SV) which will further protect your online accounts. The Titan Security Keys come as a kit, with two units inside, with one containing NFC and Bluetooth LE which you can use wirelessly, while the other has a USB-A connector with NFC.

The Titan Security Keys are based on FIDO standards and work with popular browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and more, as well as an array of Google Services as well as those from third parties including Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and more.

Google has supported 2SV for a while with third-party keys such as the Yubico keys, but this is the first time they’ve branched into their own line of keys. Google recently announced that using security keys with their own employees they were able to negate all phishing attacks since early 2017.

Turning on 2SV is quite simple, and all you need to do is carry you Titan Security Key with you when you want to access your data. Google’s support page explains the process of both setting up, and then using physical keys, and it’s looking like a pretty good idea.

The keys are now on-sale through the Google Store in the US (we’re getting a 404 on the link currently), with Google advising they would ‘be coming soon to additional regions’. No word on when that will include us, but we can’t wait.

Source: Google.
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    We need something like this in the office. Can we use this, or something else, with Azure AD?


    If you search the google store for Titan, the search results link works.

    Wayne Moore

    That’s pretty handy at $50. I’m waiting on a Yubikey delivery but the USB-A version is US$40 and the NFC version is US$100. Hope this comes to Aus soon.


    Will you guys be reviewing one 🙂