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Sennheiser launched their new AMBEO SMART 3D Binaural headphones this week at the appropriately dark and gloomy Sydney Carriageworks screening of Australian short horror film Final Stop.

The rustle of a newspaper, sound of a bus engine far away and the steps of a stalker in the pitch-black night. Australian Writer and director Roxanne Benjamin has used Sennheiser’s AMBEO SMART headphones to create a soundscape that aims to create a thrilling atmosphere in her 3D audio thriller. You can watch and listen to the short film below, note you have to use headphones, ideally closed ear to get the best effect.

AMBEO SMART is targeted at the fast growing market of film makers and video bloggers who use mobile phones rather than traditional cameras to record footage. Other interesting uses include recording live events such as music concerts and recording audio to be used in augmented reality/virtual reality environments.

The headset integrates two microphones into the earpieces, using the anatomy of your ears to accurately capture the sounds in your surrounding environment. The 3D recordings can then be enjoyed through any pair of stereo headphones with the aim of making you feel like you are actually there listening live.

These innovative headphones are available initially for iOS devices with an Android version available in “early 2019”. For more details about AMBEO SMART and the FINAL STOP short film visit the Sennheiser website. The iOS version of AMBEO SMART is available for a suggested retail price of $AU 469.90. We’ll let you know once the Android version launches if you are interested in capturing high quality audio.

Neerav Bhatt   Journalist

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