The number of third party Android Auto headunits is not great but slowly growing due to the demand of people to stay connected with their phones/life legally. Sony have made aftermarket headunits for a long time so it is no surprise to see them to continue in the Android Auto marketplace.

Overnight Sony have announced a new Android Auto headunit that will be heading Downunder in September. The Sony XAV-AX3000 is designed to give users an “enjoyable driving experience” through its 6.95 inch display. Of course aside from Android Auto there is Apple Carplay and Bluetooth connectivity support.

Sony, known for their quality sound, have included a 10 band equaliser with “EXTRA BASS”. For those wanting the full audio setup in the car there is three Pre-outs, a rear USB port and a rear Aux port. The headunit puts out 4 x 55W Dynamic Reality AMP (power output) to enhance that sound experience.

As you would expect in a headunit these days there is rear view camera support, an external microphone and a remote control included. At this stage there is no support for wireless Android Auto — hopefully we will start seeing some of them next year.

The headunit is a double DIN size but the rear chassis of it is redesigned with single DIN dimensions to help it fit in smaller spaces.

Heading here next month for SRP$649 it is not overly expensive as far as aftermarket headunits with Android Auto support go. If you are interested in checking out one of these, head into your local car audio retailer in the coming weeks.

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Luke Yates

FYI, i have this head unit and it has a few issues for connectivity with Android Auto. Plus you cant mute your self on calls via bluetooth… aside from that, it is pretty good.


So it’s has Bluetooth, but not wireless support for Android auto, um righto lol


Nissan X-Trail’s birds eye view cameras can not be connected to any of the head units ive been told by a installer. Bird’s eye camera sysytem has 4 cameras controlled by reverse gear and by a switch.


There’s been other changes too.
An AX3000DB that has DAB radio and the AX-100 has been replaced with an AX-1000 that has a front USB port according to the Sony website.


Just wish I had a car that allowed aftermarket stereos.


You’d be surprised what a good stereo installer can do these days. I can’t think of a car on the market that they couldn’t fit a new head unit into, no matter how integrated the existing one appears to be.


Hmm… Let me think. A Mazda 3 or any of the new mazdas


If only there were some single din ones as that is all my car has so am stuck or have to take a risk on an unknown Chinese brand.


maybe I need to read the article before commenting 😛


Pioneer makes the only branded single DIN Android Auto headunit I know of, the AVH-Z7050BT.


I guess I missed that one the last time I looked but at $1k it is not exactly cheap.

David Anderton



The ability to connect your phone with android auto without having to use the USB cable.