This week at IFA Alcatel announced an intriguing entrant into the Australia tablet landscape, the Alcatel 3T 8, powered by Android Oreo Go Edition (seriously Google fix this nomenclature). The sub-$130 AUD 8-inch Android tablet will be released in Australia later this year and I think it may have legs.

I spent a little time with the Alcatel 3T 8 today and while it’s too early for any in-depth impressions here’s our initial hands-on thoughts. Before we get to that, however, we were able to get the full device specs for the device, check them out below.

Key Specifications:Alcatel 3T 8
Screen size8.0-inch
Screen technologyIPS LCD
Resolution1,280 x 800
Rear camera5MP
Front camera2MP
ChipsetMediatek MT8765
Core config
MicroSDYes, up to 128GB
Battery4,080 mAh
Battery removable
Android OSAndroid 8.0 (Go Edition)
Vendor skin
Dimensions209.5 x 125 x 8.29 mm
  • Metallic Black
  • Suede Blue
AccessoriesBumper Case

My first impressions are that it’s surprisingly fast, at least in comparison to Android Go phones I have used. While the devices weren’t ladened up with apps I did open a half dozen in quick succession and that didn’t seem to slow it down. Unfortunately, the tablet wasn’t really set up to allow me to play with features like Assistant and Lens.

As promised the tablet isn’t bundled with a lot of bloat wear, there are all of the standard apps you need to use the device. The only 2 “bundled apps” I could see installed were Facebook Lite and Netflix. Overall not too bad.

From a build perspective the tablet is solid but light, as you would expect it’s made from plastic but considering the market and price point of this device that’s exactly what you would expect. The buttons seem sturdy and responsive and the touchscreen exhibited no lag.

Now, it’s difficult to really evaluate a device that has no Google account installed, no data connection, limited apps and is tethered to a desk by a cord. That said just my surface experience has already convinced me to buy one of these myself to test it out.

The Alcatel 3T 8 will be released in Australia late this year for under $130 AUD.

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More landfill product brought in by telstra.
I love the way the writeup calls it a sub $130 tablet when the pricing is $130. Does this person understand the word SUB?

Chris Rowland

Did you receive the press release from Alcatel? I’m guessing you didn’t, because their exact language was sub-$130, under $130, for less than $130, and so on. According to the company’s own press release, the pricing is under $130.

We reported it accurately. I’d say Duncan understands the use of sub just fine.


I alway though sub meant below.

Daniel Tyson

It does. At what point is the impression that the tablet will be above $130 given?


Where does it say Telstra in the report?
Not everything Alcatel manufactures is destined to go to Telstra. Alcatel is a business themselves ya know.


To me, Android tablets for manufacturers seems like an after thought. In this day and age, minimum RAM should be 2GB and minimum storage should be 32GB. Upgrade those 2 specs on this tablet and it suddenly becomes a winner. But with 1GB/16GB, there is not reason for anyone to upgrade. I think I will stay with my Samsung TAB A7.

Chris Rowland

This is a low-power tablet, ultimately destined for the job that most tablets end up serving; sitting in the living room for people to pick up when/as needed to check something on the web or to browse Facebook.

Don’t be surprised to learn that Alcatel knows how to do market research and target products to that market.