Losing things is an age-old problem, finding them again is an even bigger one. Of course in this modern age we have tech for every problem and keeping track of your stuff is no exception and the tracker market segment is growing. At IFA this week Huawei made it just a little bit bigger.

Meet the Huawei Locator, a GPS enabled tracker that not only works by tethering to your phone but includes an NB-IoT option that would allow you to track an item where ever it has mobile reception. The slightly larger than normal tracker includes GPS and A-GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou radios, a 66mAh battery good for around 15 days of tacking and of course the NB-IoT (narrowband Internet of Things) and eMTC (enhanced machine-type communication) wireless communication protocols.

The Locator is accurate to within 5 meters and is IP68 water and dust resistant meaning you can let the device get exposed to the elements. Being a tracker it includes the standard locator features like notifications when you prone is out of range. The device also includes an SOS feature so you can push it to notify friends you need assistance.

With Australian carriers actively working on NB-IoT deployments, Huawei seems keen to consider Australia as a release market for this device. Specifics on exactly if it will come to Australia and if it does launch windows and pricing still aren’t available.

Depending on the price for an NB-IoT subscription I can image a few uses for the Huawei Locator from a DIY vehicle tracking solution to an easy way to keep track of my daughter when we go to large public events. In fact when you consider the possibilities of a small tracker that works remotely within 5 meters accuracy (eat your heart out 1960’s James Bond) your imagination can really take flight!

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I’ll make this as a necklace for my grade 1 daughter.
I could also hide this device in my sports car in case it gets stolen.


Cool, anyways they are always good in tracking 😂