The most leaked phone of 2018 has appeared again in the wild, this time after someone (likely a Googler), left the phone in the back of a Lyft.

Lyft is a ride-sharing company similar to Uber, though operates only in the US and Canada, and while taking a ride in one their phone was left behind. The driver, obviously a savvy Android fan who owns a Pixel 2 XL and initially thought it was his, but recognised the 3 XL thanks to the notch and Google logo and sent pics of the phone in to Android Police anonymously before returning it.

The phone has been leaking constantly in the ‘Clearly White’ colour which includes a splash of colour on the power button, but that design affectation hasn’t transferred to the black Pixel XL 3 in this shot, nor the Pixel 3 which leaked last week.

We’re now only a month or so away from the actual announcement of the Pixel 3 phones, so we’ll be seeing them all officially in all the colour options fairly soon.

Source: Android Police.
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It’s not a leak. It’s a timely calculated PR.


Agree. I reckon this is just an epic ruse by Google, purpose leaks to keep the crowds plicated, then release the actual p3xl with none of the leaked specs.

jimmy cychowski

If I was going to update from my pixel 2 xl it would be to the smaller pixel 3, hopefully this notch thing is a fad..

Brad H

That notch looks way cooler than the earlier leaks made it out to look like.

Definitely isn’t throwing me off (depending if I decide to upgrade at all).

Rodrigo Pereira

I have shipped my Pixel 2 XL on Friday to Testra. I have been playing with my Note 9 for week and there is no turning back or moving forward to the Pixel 3 XL. Yes, I will miss having Google’s regular updates and a lean OS (Samsung is full of bloatware installed) but I must admit the Note 9 is absolutelly amazing. No regreats here!

Jamie S

Hey Dan, I’d love to see a poll on the website sometime about who is actually considering getting an Pixel 3 XL if the leaks are correct. I, for one am considering getting the regular Pixel 3 over the XL variety.


This the reason the first thing I do when shopping for pants/shorts is check the depth of the pockets.