The potential release of a new ANdroid powered Palm phone, codenamed ‘Pepito’ caught the attention of the blogosphere last month. A new leak shows off the phone and it’s weird hexagonal launcher in clearer detail.

The phone, which has the model # PVG100, is tiny in almost every sense reminiscent of the miniscule HP Veer which ran WebOS after Palm ended up in financial trouble and sold off its IP. It’s got a tiny 3.3-inch HD (1280 x 720) resolution display, a diminuitive 800mAh battery. The internal specs are relatively small as well by todays modern smartphone standards with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 SoC, 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage.

But it’s the design we’re here to look at and here’s the clearest look we’ve had yet.

The phone has a power button, but no volume rocker or fingerprint sensor nor will it have a headphone jack either. It’s got a SIM card slot below that power button, with a camera on both front and rear and that’s about all we can see.

The display shows a new style of app launcher which is interesting, so how customised Android will be when the phone launches will be interesting.

No word on a launch as yet, but a phone from Palm has gone through the FCC apparently headed to US carrier Verizon. The phone is manufactured by TCL corporation who also make and distribute Alcatel and Blackberry devices, so an international launch is possible – and it’s just so cute I may just pick one up for nostalgia.

Would you buy a new Palm phone?

Via: Android Headlines.
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    So this is what they’re doing now in the Chinese phone business? Trawling through history for old western brand names to slap on their latest tat?

    Dylan Wheeler

    I’m sure there’s a market for this phone…I’m just really struggling to think of one.


    how long will it last on a 800mAh battery? Sounds like you’ll need to take a charger with you to top up during the day.


    iPhone 4 running Android?