We’re all used to the long slow rollout of features from Google, but after over a month, the broader rollout of Dark Mode on YouTube has finally begun.

This morning the toggle to enable Dark Mode in YouTube being seen in the latest update to the YouTube for Android app (v13.35.31), though it’s likely it’s a server side switch associated with this build. To enable it simply go to the apps Settings menu, then General, then you should see a ‘Dark theme’ toggle. If you’re not, swipe away the app from Overview or Force Stop it from Settings and re-launch it and try again.

Google has been doing a lot of visual refreshing of their apps of late, we’ve seen Dark Mode come to Android Messages, as well as a visual refresh to the Contacts/Phone app as well and we’re expecting Dark Mode on the Phone app at some stage as well.


Source: YouTube.
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Greg Eden

Just got Dark Mode for Messages

michael matthews

It’s great to finally see Google applying the dark theme on their apps. I for one would love to see a similar update for Play Music.