Google has been slowly rolling out design changes to various apps of their creation in the past few days and weeks and today is Google Photos’ turn.

Google Photos today was updated to version 4 ( and with it came a host of new changes to its design. Icons are now Material Theme icons, with all icons within the app updated to match. Google have also added some colour to the icons within the Assistant tab, a nice contrast the otherwise mostly white design.

Settings is still access through the navigation drawer on the left side of the app. Aside from the Material reDesign there are a few tweaks to the appearance of boxes and cards within the app, with rounded corners now the flavour of the week.

If you do not have the new update yet head over to the Google Play Store and download the latest version of Google Photos to see what Google have been busy with. One would suspect that with Google updating and redesigning so many of their apps lately they may well be preparing them to be ready for something big, soon — possibly a new phone about to be announced?

Source: 9to5Google.
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barbara-louisa walker

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I’m relatively new to Android, is it common that these updates don’t appear straight away? I just got the updated messages app for my Pixel 2XL today, and there doesn’t seem to be an update for photos currently.