If you like the idea of sending a message through all your Amazon Alexa enabled devices, then today is a good day with Announcements on Alexa now live in Australia.

Announcements are Amazon’s equivalent to Google’s ‘Broadcast’ for Google Home, allowing you to broadcast a message to your Alexa enabled devices. Like Broadcasts, you can use them from either Echo or Alexa enabled devices including the Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Spot or the Sonos One and Sonos Beam, or from the Amazon Alexa app while you’re out and about.

Examples for use include letting the family know that dinner is ready from the Echo in your Kitchen, or telling the app to Announce that you’re heading home.

The syntax is easy, simply say ‘Alexa, announce’, ‘Alexa, tell everyone’ or ‘Alexa, broadcast’ … followed by your message and it will hit the Echo devices in your home.

Like Google’s Broadcast, Alexa will for the most part just broadcast your message, but there’s also custom options with sound effects for example ‘Alexa, announce Everyone be quiet’ to have Alexa shush everyone, or ‘Alexa, announce rise and shine’ to have a rooster crow.