For the past few years Android hackers have had a constant battle with app developers over root access. For “security” measures many app developers attempt to lock out users who prefer full control over their device and root their phones. The last big fight was with Pokemon Go developers and the rooting community and after winning that one the rooting community is now battling Epic games, developers of Fortnite.

Tonight developer John Wu (@topjohnwu) of the main rooting program that many use, Magisk, has Tweeted out that he has found a way around the way that Epic use to detect root users wehn Fortnite loads. While there, and at the same time he fixed Magisk another popular game, Fate/Grand Order, would function on a rooted phone as well.

It seems that both of these games use the SafetyNet Attestation API to check for the security on the device as well as other checks for root access. John Wu has managed to circumvent all of these checks using his Magisk solution, in particular Magisk Hide and has rolled it into his Canary builds. This can all be seen at the Magisk Github page if you want to see for yourself the changes he made.

As always the fight will most likely continue and in the end the hackers usually win when it comes to these sort of things. If you own a rooted device and have been waiting to play either of these games do and download Fate/Grand Order from the Play Store or Fortnite from the Epic webpage, install the latest Magisk Canary build from within Magisk and get gaming.

Source: XDA.