The upcoming Made By Google event in New York is looking to be fairly massive with both the Pixel 3 phones, a Google built Smart Display, new Pixelbuds and possibly two Pixelbooks. The rumours are that there will be a detachable model which apparently showed up yesterday and a more traditional clamshell design – a Pixelbook 2, and if some ads on Facebook do have the Pixelbook 2 in them it looks good.

The ads showed up on Facebook for a reader of Chrome Unboxed, who shared them this morning. There’s two ads, which appear to be advertising Google Home. The design of the device in the ads is similar to the original Pixelbook, however the bezels on the display have been trimmed down immensely.

Grain of salt time, it’s well known that companies photoshop devices when advertising and as long as it’s not advertising the product directly simply using it as a background prop then it’s very possible, even likely that Google may have had those bezels on the Pixelbook trimmed. Still, it’d be nice to see less bezels on a second generation Pixelbook.

Google has never sold a Chromebook directly in Australia, instead relying on vendors to supply Chromebooks to the Australian market. Most Chromebook fans have either relied on grey importers, or directly imported the Chromebook Pixels or Pixelbooks from the US. We’ve had no indication that Google is going to change this, so if you’re interested in a new Pixelbook then when it’s finally announced you’ll have to check it out online.

Source: ChromeUnboxed.