Google Now, or maybe the Google Feed as it’s more commonly known as these days is still around – and only a swipe away on some phones, but the all white look can be hard on the eyes at night. Google has apparently been looking at this, and working to bring a dark mode to the feed with at least one user seeing it now.

Posted over on the /r/android subreddit, Dark Mode for the Google Feed has gone live for u/vs8 who says it’s live now on his Essential PH-1 even though he’s using the light theme on his launcher. It’s not perfect though, leading us to believe it’s likely one of Google’s rather common A/B tests for the theme, based on the weather card showing dark text on a dark background making it rather hard to read still.

Google has been rolling Dark Mode or at least announcing they intend to, to a number of apps of late with YouTube and Android Messages among the first to see it. The Google Phone app is also in line for the Dark Mode treatment next according to the What’s New section of the apps description on Google Play.

It can take some time for these things to rollout and it seems there is need for refinement so we may not see this one in the short term, but for fans of dark mode it’s great news.

Source: u/vs8.
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Max Luong

I was navigating with Waze at night (it turns to dark mode when the sun goes down) and sent my location to a friend via SMS. To my surprise, the Messages conversation picker was actually in Dark Mode! Smart.