Swann has announced that their new 4K Ultra HD DVR security system has landed in Australia, offering high quality security with the addition of Google Assistant support.

The Swann wired multi-camera video security system is a 4K Ultra HD quality system including a DVR with 2TB HDD & four 4K Thermal Sensing Cameras for $1,199AUD.

The four cameras can capture in 4K resolution, and offer a 90° view in day or night with infra-red able to light up the night up to 45m in total darkness. The cameras are designed to be mounted outside, with IP66 weatherproofing, connected by BNC cabling back to the DVR box which Swann says can store ‘months of recordings’

The system can be accessed through the Swann HomeSafe View app available from Google Play and the iOS app store, with the option to play back video from the DVR or capture live images.

Swann has recently moved into using Google Assistant on their camera systems, allowing you to use simple voice commands such as ‘Ask Swann Security to show camera 2’ or ‘Ask Swann Security to switch to camera 5’ to cast video to Chromecast enabled devices.

Jeremy Stewart, Vice President of Global Marketing at Swann said of the launch

The ability to effectively monitor and protect your home 24/7 is an increasing concern for consumers. With the Ultra HD 4K Series of DVRs, we are catering to both the professional market and the home with the opportunity to stay connected like never before in 4K. Consumers are able to stay alerted when activity is detected using Swann’s heat-sensing True Detect™ technology, and see what’s happening hands-free using voice commands. It’s a powerful combination in the fight against crime!

The Swann 4K Ultra HD DVR system bundle is now available on the Swann website for $1,199.

Source: Swann.
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    It is still quite buggy/unfinished at the moment during setup and casting of video streams through the Google Assistant. It usually connects to my Chomecast Audio devices rather than Chromecast displays when streaming video via the Google Assistant. I also needed to enable ‘Less Secure Apps” in my Google account settings so I could integrate it with my Google account (needed to provide Swann with my actual Google password – entire Google account access?). I would not recommend buying one until they fix up the bugs and enable secure Google account integration through the Google Home app. You cannot assign… Read more »

    Dan L

    My experience with their other products is that when it comes to software / firmware / app updates and ongoing support from Swann, don’t hold your breath.


    My unit is now quite loud now after a weeks use. It must be the hard drive or internal fans or something.

    Dan L

    My experience with Swann One, which was their flagship “smart” security and home automation system was that Swann’s support and their abilities around cloud-based solutions had been pathetic. Despite all the promises that they have made around ZWave, being an open system, Hue integration, rule based automation, etc, they never developed the system to a point where it is reliable enough as a functional system and many of the promises (at launch) were broken (e.g. still waiting for ZWave support, Hue integration is broken, etc). I would hesitate to give them another go on their connected devices, and that would… Read more »