As Google unveils their new Pixel 3 phones (and other goodies) at their Made by Google event in New York, it appears Google France is also jumping in on the action with a parallel launch on the same day.

The team over at FranDroid have been invited to an event in Paris on October 9th. The event is for France will likely serve as a a broader European launch event. Given the cachet of holding a launch event in what’s still classed as the fashion capital of the world, it’s easy to see Google is going for a bit of style cred with this launch.

At their main launch in New York Google is rumoured to be unveiling their Pixel 3 phones as well as possibly two Pixelbooks in different form factors as well as updated Pixelbuds and their own smart display. Whether all those goodies make it to France – or Europe is something Europeans will have to wait and see.

Source: FranDroid.
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My favourite thing about this article is that there’s a website called FranDroid, that’s awesome! Are they a sister site of yours, AusDroid?? 😀

Chris Rowland

Sadly they’re not us .. but FranDroid is an awesome name.