The removal of the headphone jack from Pixel phones last year was a controversial one, though including an adaptor in the box offset that somewhat. The adaptor was also sold on the Google Store online, but overnight it looks like Google has updated it with a new model.

The new dongle is ‘new and improved’ with Google advising that it ‘now provides 38% more playback time and has a 53% improvement on plug-in latency than previously available Pixel 2 headphone adaptor’.

As well as better performance it’s also slightly shorter (by 2.8mm), thinner (0.7mm), narrower (0.6mm) and lighter (by 0.4 grams).

The adaptor sells for $16AUD with free delivery Australia wide, which is actually a decent price – at least when compared to the $12USD price in the US. A direct conversion shows the dongle is actually marginally cheaper to buy here for once.

Of course the timing leads to the new dongle being developed for the upcoming Pixel 3 – but it doesn’t hurt that it offers performance increases for the Pixel 2 phones either. If you’re in the market for a new USB-C Digital to 3.5 mm headphone adaptor you can head to the Australian Google Store and pick one up now.

Source: Google Store.
Via: Android Police.