We have seen many leaks of the Pixel 3 phones set to be announced at the Google hardware event in New York in October but until recently we had not seen many Pixelbook 2 leaks. We have heard rumours and have seen mentions in the ChromeOS codebase but now in the last few days we have seen what appears to be the Pixelbook 2 with minimal bezels.

Various ads have shown up for users demonstrating a convertible Pixelbook with a display with minute bezels around it. A Reddit user has had a video served up to them demonstrating YouTube TV running on a device. The device looks suspiciously like a Pixelbook but not like anything that has come before. It appears to maintains the keyboard and base design but the bezels around the display are shrunken, just like in yesterday’s leak.

While some suspect that Google may be trolling the public with these images considering they control the ads that are going out – why would they deliberately leak a product not announced yet – it seems unlikely that Google inserted a render of a device that does not ever, nor will ever exist. This leak matches the other leaks as well as rumours that circulated previously about a Pixelbook with smaller bezels.

It is not out of the question that the marketing team at YouTube TV used a bit of poetic licence in their rendering of devices for the advertisement but we find it unlikely they would not have at least based it on something new — how about the new Pixelbook?

Where do you stand on this? Is Google deliberately seeding the upcoming devices into their ads to build up hype or are they trolling us due to the sheer number of rumours and leaks to put us off the scent?
All will be revealed a the #MadeByGoogle event on October 9 in New York — stay tuned.

Source: Reddit.
Via: AboutChromebooks.
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Will it be coming to Australia? -_-

Daniel Tyson

Unclear – Google hasn’t yet released a Pixel or Pixelbook in Australia so it’s not looking good. There are ways to get them though 😉