We’re deep into the second phone release season for 2018, with the LG V40 a much anticipated release. The phone has apparently edged one step closer to launch with a phone hitting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) overnight.

While the phone hitting the FCC with model # LM-V405UA (TA,MA etc. there’s a number of variants) doesn’t really match up with the LG V30+ which was LGH930DS, it does match up better with the more recently released LG V35 which was LM-V350AWM.

There’s not a real lot in the application to the FCC with the US regulatory body not required to test bands which aren’t used in the US – such as Band 3 (1800MHz) or Band 28 (700MHz), but it’s safe to assume if LG Australia launch it here those boxes will be ticked. If you’re interested, here’s the listing of bands:

There’s not a real lot else in the application. You can see the FCC ID which will be electronic, and you can see some shots of the LGUX which has the layout we saw in the G7 with the clock to the right indicating that the notch seen in previous renders leaked will be there.

No word yet on when the LG V40 will launch, but we can’t wait to see it.

Source: FCC.