It is no secret anymore that OnePlus will be announcing their next flagship, the OnePlus 6T, in October. To help build up the hype toward this announcement in partnership with Google they have created a game.

OnePlus today took to their social media channels to announce the contest. According to the teaser (and name) released the game will be centred around cracking codes. According to OnePlus they created the game with the help of Google but little else is known about the game at this stage.

The game, which has likely been created by Google’s in-house game design team: The Zoo who created a mini-game for Oreo after Android Oreo launched, begins next week on the 18th of September at 8am EST (US) according to the Tweet and the website OnePlus have setup for the game.

The timing of the game seem to fit with it leading into the announcement of the OnePlus 6T suggesting that the final answer/code within the game will reveal something critical regarding the OnePlus 6T, and possibly even a prize for the winner(s).

OnePlus are looking to make a big splash with the OnePlus 6T with already expected to arrive on a US carrier (T-Mobile) for the first time. Hopefully it makes it here in an official capacity as well because the teardrop notch combined with an in-display fingerprint sensor and their excellent OxygenOS should make for a killer device.

Next week, on the 18th of September at 8am New York time head on over to the OnePlus Crackables website and get cracking on the game. There may even be a prize such as a OnePlus 6T for the winner (#speculation).

Source: @oneplus.
Via: Pocketnow.