The long running saga of online retailer, Digital Marketing and Solutions who operates the rightfully lambasted Android Enjoyed and Camera Sky storefronts which closed their online doors last month continues. NSW Fair Trading has launched proceedings against the Hong Kong based operator with a date set for the end of this month.

Android Enjoyed sold a variety of electronic goods, mostly phones and tablets, while Camera Sky focused on camera hardware and accessories. The store fronts were aimed at the Australian market, though goods were shipped from Hong Kong. The companies had been experiencing negative feedback for sometime before the Department of Fair Trading issued a consumer warning against the companies in September 2016.

The NSW Department of Fair Trading complaints register shows both Android Enjoyed and Camera Sky were the subjects of multiple complaints to department, with the store fronts racking up a combined 413 complaints between them in 2018 alone.

According to Minister for Better Regulation, Matt Kean

It has been at the top of the Complaints Register on five separate occasions since September 2016. CameraSky has appeared on the Complaints Register six times with 178 complaints made by consumers. These are figures no company should be proud of.

The complaints to the Department against CameraSky and Android Enjoyed were varied with complaints from consumers listing issues with the companies including failing to supply goods within a reasonable time frame, or sometimes not at all, failing to repair defective goods and failing to providing refunds for defective or damaged goods.

The company, and sole director, Yuen Ho Wong are due to appear before the NSW Supreme Court on September 26th.

Source: NSW Dept of Fair Trading.
Via: ARNnet.
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    Good to hear that finally these rogues are hopefully going to be shut down for good.