After launching their Gmail alternative Inbox in October 2014, Google has today announced they’re killing off the innovative client in favour of concentrating on Gmail proper.

The company has announced the end of Inbox via social media, announcing they are ending the service in favour of concentrating on features for Gmail. Inbox won’t be shuttered immediately, with a transitional period until March 2019.

Since its launch, Google has used Inbox to launch a number of innovations for Gmail including Smart Reply, the ability to snooze emails until a later time and more. Many of the features we know and love from Inbox were brought into Gmail proper when they launched a much needed re-design back in April this year.

To help users using Inbox move back to Gmail proper, Google has supplied a transition guide on their support site.

While a transitional period exists, we’re hoping that Google uses the time to bring a number of features that Inbox has that are still missing in Gmail such as built-in reminders, the ability to snooze an email from a notification and much more.

We’re going to miss the Blue of Inbox but it seems like many much-loved services before it Google has plans and they don’t include Inbox. Vale Inbox, we truly loved you.

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    Peter Cupitt

    We dont miss it, we didn’t love it, its gone because it was bloody stupid. Don’t worry, MOST of the stupidity has been built in to gmail for those who liked it and now just takes up more memory space for the rest of us.


    🤔 No Sir I don’t like it!!!!
    Just take the other one, I hope Google hangouts is going to around for awhile yet !!!!!

    Daniel Narbett

    Re the ‘ads in gmail’ theme below – I also don’t get the ads, but I’ve got a google apps account (it used to be called), I wonder if that’s the difference?


    Pity, I like inbox, the consolidation view of emails and the trip functionality. The only thing I didn’t like was not being able to delete 1 message in a thread. But I’ve migrated back to GMail. If Inbox isn’t going to be around, I might as well get (re) used to Gmail….


    Nooooo I much prefer Inbox to Gmail. Just gone back to have a look at the UI for Gmail and it is a poor relation to Inbox, not to mention those nasty ads that show up as new mail, hate that 🙁


    I am pretty bummed about this. Really dislike the GMail interface. Will probably have to look elsewhere for a client. Hell maybe Outlook.


    Not happy Jan!


    Easily the worst news to start the day 🙁

    I never thought I’d have to go back to Gmail.

    Why Google, why?

    Matthew McQuilty

    I love inbox. So much less clunky than the Gmail interface. Not to mention the much less intrusive ads. Going to miss it.


    There are ads in the Gmail app?