LG have released two flagships per year for a while now. We have already seen the G7 ThinQ this year, albeit not that long ago and with the year getting on it is no surprise to see LG set to announce their second flagship for the year, the V40 ThinQ.

LG have begun sending out media invites to the launch of their second smartphone flagship for the year, the V40 ThinQ. The invite is an animation showing a shutter and pictures being taken from three different magnifications.

Although the person in the image seems to have one broken/dislocated finger, they do appear to be holding up three fingers, and when combined with the three different magnifications you could be forgiven for thinking that LG may in fact be launching a phone with a triple camera setup — a super wide-angle, a telephoto and a standard lens.

The phone of course will be fitted out with LG’s Google Assistant and AI integration, thus the ThinQ moniker. It will be interesting to see if LG attempt to innovate with this flagship or they play it safe — here’s hoping they successfully try something different.

October looks to be an exciting time for those who love flagship smartphones with Google, Huawei, OnePlus and now LG set to announce flagships. Stay tuned and we will bring you everything you need to know.

Source: LG Newsroom.
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David Anderton

I just wish they would hurry up and announce the G7 one’s price


Sounds ok , i would like to see LG do a bigger screen phone to differentiate it a bit more from its other models.