With the Note9 now available here and in overseas markets, and Galaxy Watch about to launch here Samsung has today announced an update to their health app.

The update to version 6.0 of the Samsung Health is according to Samsung ‘more intuitive, interactive, personalized and easier to navigate’. The major changes to Samsung Health is the visual overhaul which a little less cluttered than previous versions making it easier for users to see their most important stats at a glance.

Also included is an update to the ‘Together’ tab which now lets users ‘share photos and celebrate fitness milestones and achievements with friends all within the app’. It’s a simple way for you to get a bit of a social aspect to your fitness journey. The Together tab will also let you connect with other users in the Samsung Health community – if that’s your thing.

The update is live now in the Google Play Store.

Samsung Health
Samsung Health
Source: Google Play.
Via: Samsung.