“Cheap Telstra plan” isn’t a phrase you often hear, but the ongoing data wars mean there’s now plenty of ways to get Telstra coverage without breaking the bank.

Telstra-powered MVNOs – and Telstra itself, actually – have had a whole spate of good value SIM-only offers in the recent months, and prices keep on dropping. So if you need or prefer Telstra network access, there’s plenty of plans around that won’t make you feel like you’re paying too much for the privilege of being on Australia’s priciest network.

Plans with 24GB of data or more

In terms of data for dollar, the best value SIM-only plan on the Telstra network currently comes from Woolworths Mobile. $50 per month gets you 24GB of data, a 12-month digital membership to the digital version of Entertainment Book. Who doesn’t love vouchers?

If you’re not already on Big T, you can get 40GB on Telstra itself for $59 per month, along with unlimited talk and text. As with most Telstra postpaid plans, you’ll get data-free access to Apple Music and live passes for AFL, AFLW, NRL, and Netball. If you’re already with Telstra, this plan will cost you $69 per month,

Telstra also has an $89 SIM-only plan with 60GB that comes with a bonus 12-month Foxtel Now subscription.

Both these Telstra plans come with “peace of mind” data which means you’ll be capped if you go over your allowance, rather than getting billed for excess usage. Both are sold on 12-month contracts.

Plans with 15GB of more

If you don’t need quite as much data, there’s plenty of awesome Telstra network deals around the $40 per month mark with at least 15GB of data. Many of these – including Lycamobile, Boost, and Belong – are contract-free. Both Lycamobile and Boost’s plans are 28-day prepaid recharges, so it’s worth noting that you’ll need to top up 13 times per year. If you’re keen to try out Boost, you can save $20 on your first recharge, while Lycamobile give new customers their first month for $12.

Belong will do 15GB for $40 per month on a no-contract postpaid basis and has bonuses like data rollover and data gifting.

Plans with at least 5GB

If you think you can get by with around 5GB, plans now start at $25 per month on Belong and TeleChoice. Belong is probably the better option out of the two, as it’s offered on a month-to-month basis while TeleChoice requires you to commit to a 12-month contract but gets you an extra gig per month.


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“Both Lycamobile and Boost’s plans are 28-day prepaid recharges, so it’s worth noting that you’ll need to top up 13 times per year.”

If you have auto recharge enabled, your recharges magically last 30/31 days – https://boost.com.au/blog/2017/10/30/auto-recharge/


Do the MVNO’s benefit from being able to use WiFi calling on Telstra exclusive phones?
I.e. I’m currently with Optus using a Pixel 2 XL and need WiFi calling so want to jump ship, but Telstra’s plans aren’t overly attractive.


No, just like no Optus or Vodafone MVNOs offer WiFi Calling, nor do any of the Telstra MVNOs.

The only ‘MVNO’ with WiFi Calling, VoLTE and RCS is Boost.