After a long wait, Australia’s Commonwealth Bank has today announced they’ve added Visa support across their Digital Wallet solutions.

The support for using Visa credit cards and business debit cards comes after Commonwealth Bank saw a large increase in the use of Tap & Pay. The bank saw an increase of 35 per cent to 16.8 million transactions from 5 million Commbank App users over the past six months.

It’s not just the Commbank App which gains Tap & Pay support for Visa, with the bank also adding support in Visa to Samsung Pay and Google Pay as well as for customers using fitness watches from Fitbit and Garmin using their payment-enabled smartwatches.

Michael Baumann, CBA’s acting Executive General Manager, Everyday Banking, said that by enabling Visa across the suite of CBA supported digital wallets we are combining choice and convenience for more customers. Mr Baumann further said

Since 2013 our customers have been able to use their smartphones to make payments. By extending the suite of CBA supported digital wallets to our Visa cardholders we’re providing our customers with even more options to make a payment at the point of sale, whether that be through the CommBank app or their smartwatch.

The support is now live across all the platforms, so if you’re a CommBank customer you can now add your Visa credit card or Business debit card to the digital wallet of your choice.

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So Westpac, ANZ and now Commonwealth banks all offer Google Pay.

St George Bank is the laggard and still refuses to join.

If you’ve got Android Pay, you can go jogging and leave your bulky wallet at home. In fact, I can see the wallet will soon be a thing of the past. Coins are Roman technology.

Jeni Skunk

St George were swallowed whole by Westpac years ago, so if St George are not, yet, offering Google Pay, this is because of Westpac ordering it to be so.
Have of the other any taken over smaller banks, been allowed by their Big 4 owners, to offer Google Pay in app?


So glad I’ve dropped the big for for my day to day banking.


In July 2017 they turned tap payments off for all Visa cards with no notice. I’d been using it for a few years so there was a transaction history they could have checked. They have my mobile number, my email, my home number, my home address and then there is the app itself but the bank didn’t notify me. Instead I found out it was turned off the next time I tried to pay and it was denied. When I contacted the bank, the response was that tap payments were only available for Mastercard. There were a LOT of people… Read more »