Plantronics has today unveiled a new range of Backbeat Fit and Go headphones across a broad range of price points with features to match all users.

The range will start going on-sale from today, with further availability coming in October and November, ranging from $119.99 up to $239.99 for their higher end offerings, with stops in between.

BackBeat Fit 350

The range starts with the BackBeat Fit 350 earbuds priced at $119.99AUD and are available from today in three colours, Black/Grey, Grey/Bone and Grey/Blue

The discreet and ultra-light wireless sports earbuds have a great sound with 6mm drivers and are IPX5 rated allowing you to sweat it out in the gym without worry and come with a battery life up to 6 hours. The earbuds come with a single wideband-enabled mic allowing you to take calls on the go, without interrupting your workout.

BackBeat Fit 2100

The Backbeat Fit 2100 will be available just in time for Christmas, with the launch slated for November with the earbuds coming in four colour options – Black, Grey, Blue and Lava Black for $159.99AUD.

The BackBeat FIT 2100 are the latest incarantion of my personal favourite BackBeat FIT earphones. The earbuds feature an over-ear loop design with a durable rubberised outer that gives the BackBeat FIT 2100 an IP57 dust/waterproof rating letting you sweat it out, or even run, bike or remain active in the rain.

The BackBeat FIT 2100 allows you to listen to music, podcasts or whatever you need to for up to seven hours before recharge. The BackBeat FIT 2100 contains 13.5mm drivers giving you a big sound without drowning out the outside world with the Plantronics Always Aware design letting you remain aware of your surroundings – an important safety feature when exercising around other people or running near a road.

BackBeat GO 410

Arriving next month in Australia, the BackBeat GO 410 will be available in two colours, Graphite and Bone for $199.99 AUD.

For those that don’t want to hear anything around them except their music, the Plantronics BackBeat Go 410 are for you. With the tagline – All of the Sound, None of the Noise – these earbuds with Active Noise Cancelling are definitely for you.

Built using Bluetooth 5.0, these earbuds have a 10mm driver for a great sound, and can be used wireless or wired allowing you to plugin when you need to using the Dual-USB charging/3.5mm cable. The Backbeat Go 410 offer a great battery life with up to 8 hours of use with Active Noise Cancelling, or 10 hours without – or if you need to plugin and use them wired you can get up to 50 hours with Active Noise Cancelling.

Backbeat FIT 3100

For those wanting a wire-free workout, the BackBeat FIT 3100 are definitely right up your alley. Launching today, the BackBeat FIT 3100 are available in Black or Grey for $239.99 AUD.

These earbuds are the wire-free version of the Backbeat FIT 2100, allowing you to workout with no restrictions while using Plantronics Always Aware solution to hear the world around you while still listening to your favourite audio.

The Backbeat FIT 3100 offers the same IP57 sweatproof and waterproof ruggedised coating and 13.5mm drivers for the same great sound as the BackBeat 2100 and with the addition of over-ear loops you can rest assured these wire-free buds will remain in your ears even with the toughest of workouts.

The earbuds allow for up to 5 hours of use, while the included battery case can add an additional 10 hours without having to plug it in.

Backbeat GO 810

Finally, the BackBeat GO 810 will be available in Australia at the beginning of October in three colours, Graphite Black, Navy Blue and Bone White for $239.99 AUD.

The BackBeat GO 810 are wireless, over-the-ear headphones with dual-mode Active Noise Cancelling, giving you the opportunity to escape the noise of the every day world into your own personal sound. The soft memory foam and leatherette cups allow for comfortable use over long periods with up to 22 hours of battery while using Active Noise Cancelling, or 26 hours without.

The BackBeat Go 810 contain 40mm drivers for rich, detailed and massive sound, with ‘Bright and Balanced’ preset EQs available through the BackBeat App available through Google Play (and the iOS app store).

Source: Plantronics.
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Other headphone manufacturers, like Bose and Sony, have been putting the Google Assistant inside their headphones. That allows you to tell it to play content, like music, audiobooks or a podcast.

None of these expensive Plantronics headphones have the Google Assistant, or any other assistant. So you’ve got to fumble around entering text into an app and type out what you want.

In my opinion, headphones without an assistant are not worth considering.