The lead up to the October 9th Made By Google event is revealing more about the upcoming Pixel 3 phones. Last week, the company revealed a teaser page that showed off the phones in what’s believed to be three colour options – but a closer look at the source code of the site has revealed a possible new colour.

The teaser site has shown off three colours so far: Black, White with a Green highlight (the power button) and a teal/mint coloured option. The fourth is a pink coloured option which was found by Melbourne developer Peter in the CSS of the website. The image attached to the tweet shows the Pink (peach?) coloured Pixel with the same two-toned design with a slightly darker pink for the visor at the top:

Google has previously offered only three colour options for Pixel phones, so a fourth would offer a little more variety for customers wanting to stand out from the crowd. The Pink colour is pastel in tone, tying in with their recent re-design of the Contacts, Messages and Phone apps.

There’s no telling if this is a cancelled colour, a potential surprise colour or just a bit of code left over, but it’s there and we’ll know for sure what’s happening on October 9th.

Source: @peterS.
Via: Coming Soon Pixel.
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jimmy cychowski

Love a green colour pixel 😁

Greg McPherson

All colours continuing the “just a bit boring” vibe of the Pixel series.


The “very blue” colour of the original Pixels were anything but boring.. Maybe too much so.
I would enjoy a mint coloured Pixel.